Live update by thebaselab

Coronavirus 10-day forecast

Developed by the Spatial Ecology and Evolution Lab

Simulator by Gabriel Goh

Excellent Simulator by Gabriel Goh

Track Global Data App by John Coene

Author John Coene

R Dashboard with code by R. Krispin

R Dashboard Developed by Rami Krispin

R Dashboard, Global Data, by C. Schoenenberger

R Dashboard Developed by Christoph Schoenenberger

Map Shiny App by N. Hahn

Shiny App developped by Nico Hahn

Modelling Covid-19

Developed by Dr. Alison Hill, this Shiny app uses an epidemiological model based on the classic SEIR model to describe the spread and clinical progression of COVID-19. It includes different clinical trajectories of infection, interventions to reduce transmission, and comparisons to healthcare capacity.