About me

I’m Dhafer Malouche an Associate Research Scholar at the Department of Statistics and Data Science at Yale University, and am also affiliated with the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies. I’m currently working on the G-Econ research project in the Department of Economics. It’s a project lead by Professor William Nordhaus that is devoted to developing a geophysically-based data set on economic activity for the world. This upcoming fall I will be teaching a course at the University on Time Series Applications with R/Python, and in the Spring I will be teaching Applied Graphical Models with R. I’m especially interested in Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, and Data Visualization.

For my work, I use every day R, Python, H2O, and Spark. In this website I will be sharing many R and Python codes where I show how one can use these softwares to solve Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, and Data Visualization problems. Your feedback, comments, and questions are more than welcome.

So feel free to contact me