About me

I’m Dhafer Malouche, a Professor of Statistics at the University of Carthage. I teach at the Ecole Supérieure de la Statistique et de l’Analyse de l’Information several data science courses: Big Data, Computing tools for Statistics such as R and Python, Bayesian Statistics and Time Series.

I’m especially interested in Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling and Data Visualization. For my work, I use every day R, Python, H2O and Spark. I will be sharing, in this website, many R and Python codes where I show how you can use these softwares to solve Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling or Data Visualization problems. Your feedback, comments and questions are then very welcome.

You will also find here my CV, links to my papers regarding to several topics and collaborations, slides of my talks and I will be soon publishing my R packages.

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What can you find in this website?

Starting with R|Large Data with R|SQL with R|Spark|Reports and Slides with R|Map of Tunisia with R|ggpubr|Visualization of Relationships btw variables|Starting with OpenBugs|Metropolis Hasting|R tools for Bayesian Statistics|Gibbs Sample|MV Gaussian dist.|2 sample mean bayesian comparaison|Bayesian Poisson Models|Change point problem|Rstan|Seacows Example|Bayesian Statistics Exams|Slides Bayesian Statistics course (Fr)|First code with Python|Managing Data (python)|Statistical Computing (python)|Linear Regression (python)|Widgets (python)|Donut Chart (bokeh)|Scatter plot (bokeh)|NumPy|Sankey Graphs|Correlations (holoviews)|Choroplet (geoviews)|GeoViews|Gapminder Animation|Heroku|WDI (python)|Election Data|Econ Data|RD data|GDP data|Sarima Models|Importing Data with R|Data from Wikipedia

Video Tutorials/Animation

GDP (Current US$, from 1960 to 2016)

Forthcoming papers

  1. Olfa Saidi, Martin O’’Flaherty, Nada Zoghlami, Dhafer MALOUCHE, Simon Capewell, Julia Alison Critchley, Piotr Bandosz, Habiba Ben Romdhane and Maria Guzman-Castillo Comparing strategies to prevent stroke and ischemic heart disease in the Tunisian population: Markov modeling approach using a comprehensive sensitivity analysis algorithm accepted for publication at the Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine.

  2. Hajer Khlaifi, Dan Istrate, Jacques Demongeot, Dhafer Malouche Swallowing Sound Recognition at Home Using GMM accepted for publication at Innovation and Research in BioMedical Engineering

  3. Hela Jeddi and Dhafer Malouche Studying wage gap between men and women in Tunisia, accpeted for publication at the Feminist Economics

Municipal Elections, Tunisia May 2018

Most recent published paper

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